Caldwell County Health Dept 255 Main Kingston, MO 64650 US

Prevent * Promote * Protect

Prevent * Promote * Protect

Prevent * Promote * ProtectPrevent * Promote * ProtectPrevent * Promote * Protect

The Team

Kathy Galloway, Office Manager


Kathy has been with the health department for over 30 years. She not only runs the office, she also works in a variety of the other programs including WIC, immunizations, and the preschool programs.  

Janet Hill, RN Consultant


Janet has been an RN consultant for the health department for many years. She works primarily with the chronic disease program. Janet also spends her time helping the public find available resources specific to their needs. 

Tracy Carman, BSN RN, Acting Administrator


Tracy joined the health department in 2016. Her primary role is Epidemiology and Communicable diseases. Besides these programs, she also helps with many of the other programs. 

Jamie Ayers, BSN RN


Jamie joined the health department in 2018. She is the WIC coordinator and lactation consultant. Jamie is also a certified car seat technician. She also assists in many other areas as needed. 

Amanda Railsback, BSN RN


Amanda joined the health department in 2018. She is the Maternal Child Health Coordinator, as well as a certified car seat technician. She is cross trained to multiple areas of Public Health.

Molly Lund, Nutritionist


Molly joined the health department in 2016. She is the WIC nutritionist. Molly is sub contracted to other counties as well, to assist in their WIC programs. Molly is also cross trained to fill in as the office secretary. 

Davey Fickess, Environmental Specialist


Davey is the Environmental Specialist for Caldwell County. He does inspections for local restaurants and day cares. Davey also follows up on various environmental complaints. 

Dr. Molly Harp, DO, Medical Director


 Dr. Harp earned her medical degree from Kansas City University of Medicine and Bio-sciences in Kansas City, Mo.   Dr. Harp is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, and is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Missouri Academy of Family Physicians. 

The Health Department

 The Caldwell County Health Department started as a demonstration unit in 1976.  The main services offered were children’s immunizations and public health home visits.  In 1977 the taxpayers voted to support the health department with their tax dollars.  Although the principal role of public health has remained the same, to prevent the spread of disease and protect the citizens of Caldwell County, its focus has expanded with the years.  We are now into our 43rd year and  face challenges such as new diseases, infections and bio-terrorism threats.  Local health agencies are autonomous and operate independently, but are connected with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services through contracts.  MDHSS receives funds through the state, CDC and other federal agencies and distributes them to local agencies.  We have a Board of Trustee’s that are responsible for governing our local health department.  The elected members of the board are:  John Allen, Mark Kipping, Linda McElwee, Leonard Feil,  and Bob Guffey.  Our health department ‘s goal continues to be:  to prevent disease, promote health and protect the citizens of our county.